We bring health and security on your dining table using good water and bean.
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Production process We pay scrupulous attention to even one bean. Raw materials bean

The greengram becoming the raw materials uses the thing which we sorted by manual labor.

we can produce beautiful, delicious bean sprouts by sorting a good bean.

Process1 Tsukekomi

we pickle the raw materials bean which I washed to hot water.

Process2 Raise

We pull hot water and water bean sprouts with groundwater.

Process3 Washing

We wash bean sprouts with clean water.

Process4 Dehydration

We spin-dry extra water and husk with a machine from bean sprouts.

Process5 Wrap

We fill the bag with bean sprouts and confirm security with a machine and human eyes and fix the shipment preparations.

Process6 Delivery

We deliver products by a refrigerator car to keep the freshness of the bean sprout.