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Bean Sprouts Feature Origin of the bean sprout
Bean sprouts sends out buds

Bean sprouts ”Moyashi” is placed in the pharmaceutical book “Honzoh-Wameyoh” written in the tenth century in Japan.

Originally the bean sprout was eaten in Myanmar and Indonesia. But the course that reached place of origin and Japan is not known.

In the Edo era, bean sprouts was cultivated in each place of Japan, but it is from the Meiji era that people came to eat bean sprouts.

The etymology of “Moyashi” is “Moyasu”, the words of the meaning that a plant grows up into quickly and healthily in japanese.

Kind of the bean sprout
70% of bean sprouts produced in Japan are 
greengram bean sprouts.

The greengram bean sprout accounting for 70% of Japanese bean sprouts has abundant water thickly. In addition, the feature is that it is sweet and delicious.

Greengram is a small green bean of 0.05~0.07g in weight per one.

We import raw materials beans from China. Greengram from China accounts for 70% of the market. There are three kinds of raw materials beans:It is Greenmappe, Blackmappe, a soybean.

Our company cultivates a greengram bean sprout and a soybean bean sprout.

Ingredient of the bean sprout
The bean sprout is healthy food.

The chief ingredient of the bean sprout is vitamins c and aspartic acid.

An effect of vitamins c is oxidization prevention of the fat, Decline of the cholesterol level and A cancer and the arteriosclerotic prevention.

The effect of aspartic acid promotes relieving fatigue by letting metabolism become active.

The bean sprout includes a lot of potassium and, by adjusting a heart and the lungs function, muscular motion, is effective in lowering the blood pressure. In addition, the bean sprout includes a lot of dietary fibers and improves constipation and prevents diseases such as diabetes or colon cancer.

The bean sprout attracts attention as a health food of the very superior nourishment balance.

Vitamin C

It helps the reproduction of skin and the mucous membrane. In addition, it helps disease prevention and absorption of iron. Furthermore, vitamin C prevents arteriosclerosis and heart trouble by controlling the oxidation.

aspartic acid

In addition, it carries potassium and magnesium to the cell and converts the lactic acid which is a causative agent of fatigue into energy. Therefore it is effective in relieving fatigue.

Potassium is the electrolyte which is indispensable for the human body. Potassium maintains the activity of the human body by doing sodium and ion exchange.
The excessive intake of sodium causes the high blood pressure. On the other hand, potassium is effective in lowering blood pressure.
Characteristic of the bean sprout
Water rules all.

Water is the most important to the bean sprout cultivation. Bean sprouts is the vegetables which can grow up only with water.

90% of ingredients of the bean sprout are water. Therefore the quality of the water is the most important in bean sprout cultivation. In addition, the bean sprout cultivation is hygienic because I do not use a pesticide and manure.

The bean sprout cultivation does not depend on the weather, and stable production is possible. At your dining table, the bean sprout is useful as convenient food.

Nutritional analysis table per 100g
of bean sprouts
energy (kcal)
water (g)
carbohydrate (g)
ash content (g)
calcium (mg)
vitamin B1
vitamin B2
vitamin C
folic acid
dietary fibe