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Bean Sprouts Feature
The vegetables help health, but do the bean sprouts help health, too?
The bean sprouts include Vitamin C, dietary fiber, asparagine aspartic acid, γ - aminobutyric acid in richness. These are not included in the state of the bean, but are included a lot when it becomes the bean sprouts. These nutrition is effective for the prevention such as constipation, the obese prevention, arteriosclerosis and diabetes. In addition, amylase of the digestive enzyme occurs and relieves indigestion, inappetence. Furthermore, the bean sprouts include protein. It is in condition to be easy to absorb it than beans.
The bean sprouts dish of the bar is chewy, but is not tough when I cook bean sprouts dish at home. How may I cook a chewy bean sprouts dish?
You must not boil the bean sprouts too much. You should boil the bean sprouts with boiling water at short time. After having boiled it, you must not dip it into the water. After having boiled it, you put it in a bowl or a refrigerator and should cool it. When you are running out of time, you open it to a tray and should cool it.
Please tell me the right preservation method of bean sprouts.
The bean sprouts breathe. Therefore you should make a hole in a bag with a toothpick so that bean sprouts breathe. A bag helping the breathing of bean sprouts is developed, but they have high cost.
Please tell me the kind of bean sprouts.
The bean sprouts are different from taste in a shape by a kind. The kind of the bean is classified roughly into three kinds: blackmappe, greengram, soybeans. The bean sprouts of blackmappe are thin and are long, and there is unique taste. The bean sprouts of the greengram are big and are tough. bean sprouts of the soybeans are used for Korean food well and are called "Mamemoyashi". blackmappe The bean sprouts of blackmappe are distributed in West Japan, and the bean sprouts of the greengram are distributed in East Japan. However, bean sprouts of the greengram tend to be distributed throughout Japan recently.
What kind of method are the bean sprouts cultivated by?
The bean sprouts have been cultivated with clean water traditionally. they grow up by water and the nutrition of the bean. Therefore bean sprouts are no pesticide, no bleaching, additive-free clean vegetables. The bean sprouts are not outstanding, but they are one of the healthiest, and the safest vegetable.